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Meet Our Founder

As the Founder and CEO of Fido Therapy, my vision is to utilize the most natural, pure and safest products to contribute to the well-being of pets while making a real difference in their lives. As a busy parent, pet mom and medical business professional, my mantra is to work hard, enjoy life and embrace whatever is brought my way. Our family is completed by our dog Cooper, a beautiful, energetic Labrador Retriever, adopted eight years ago from a local no-kill shelter. As Cooper ages more and more every day, I was drawn to CBD as a product to help him in his later years and maintain his energy and vitality for as long as possible.

Through a highly productive and successful 25-year long career in medical sales, I have a strong understanding of modern medicine and a complimentary interest in traditional medicine. Both are blended with a curiosity on how the two can effectively work together. Through my varied experiences in the medical field, I have learned from my exposures to natural medicines and remedies, specifically Phyto-therapies, which has served as a solid foundation and basis for the vision of Fido Therapy.

My exposure to modern medicine has led me to explore and embrace a more holistic approach to overall health and wellness, which directly translates to that of our pets. There are definitely benefits to providing traditional healthcare for pets in many circumstances. In providing our pets with the best quality care, I also believe that there is significant value to adding holistic, phyto-natural ingredient approaches to everyday life as well.

Cooper is getting older but, I am pleased to be able to provide him with natural, safe options to support him as he ages. Having the ability to provide an alternative option to assist him in his aging process is a significant relief as a pet parent. This has been the genesis of Fido Therapy. Through Fido Therapy I know that I can assist him in living a healthier, happier life naturally. Our team is committed to  provide phyto-nutrient tinctures and treats for our furry best friends who deserve only the best!